We have a NEW website!

September 26, 2014
We have a NEW website!

We launched caimanstore.com back in 2009 as an outlet for people who were unable to locate our products either online or at a local store.  While the original site was pretty straight-forward in terms of making a purchase... here are our products, thank you for your order... we felt it was time to rethink our e-commerce approach with you, our customer, in mind.

We now have a fresh new look, a money savings rewards program, informative insight into our products and a more user-friendly layout to help you find what you need… just to name a few.


Who is Primax | Caiman®?

In short, we are two companies that offer different products.  Under Primax Manufacturing and Trading, Inc., we have revolutionized the industry with unique, unconventional, never-before-seen designs and patterns to maximize comfort, safety and aesthetic value in our gloves and safety apparel.  Primax Diamond Tool, Inc. was created to offer the Stone Fabrication Industry quality products at reasonable prices.  Since 1996, the Caiman® brand gained its reputation and trust among the most demanding veterans in the industry for its consistent performance and value.  You can read more about us here…  https://blades.caimanstore.com/about-primax-caiman/


Website Security

Every page of our entire site is now secured.  Typically, websites will only secure pages that handle sensitive information such as the Register or Log In pages, and most definitely the checkout page.  How can you identify if a website is secure?  This is easily identifiable by looking at the website address, or URL.  If the address begins with http:// then the page you are currently on is NOT secure.  However, if the address begins with https:// (notice the all-important “S”) then this signifies that the current page you are looking at is secured and encrypted. 

Why have we decided to make caimanstore.com 100% secure?  For you, our customer.  Simply put, we value your data integrity and confidentiality.


Specials / Sales

Perhaps you’re looking for fantastic deals.  You can find all of our specials easily by checking out the Specials page here…  https://blades.caimanstore.com/onsale.php?display=products


Caiman® Rewards Program

Who doesn’t enjoy saving money?  We sure do.  That is why we are giving back to you.  With each purchase, you can begin earning rewards points for use on future purchases.  You will earn 1 point for every dollar spent.  One hundred points equal $1.00 in savings.  In addition to earning points by making a purchase, you can also earn points by simply registering for an online account, reviewing a purchased product, completing a survey or sending us your pictures showing your Caiman products in action.  To view more details, check out the Caiman® Rewards Program page…  https://blades.caimanstore.com/caiman-rewards-program


Show Your Caiman™

So we’ve all heard the expression, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  Well, with us, a picture is worth 1/10th of a thousand points.  Let’s see, let me get my trusty calculator out… 1000 ÷ 10… hey, that’s 100 points!  Simply submit photos showing your Caiman® branded products being used.  If we use your photo, we’ll apply 100 points to your account.  It’s that simple.  *Be sure to register for an online account first before submitting photos.  To view all the details, take a look here…  https://blades.caimanstore.com/show-your-caiman/


Caiman University™

Have you ever wondered about the decisions involved in choosing the right diamond tools.  We cover all of that and more on our Caiman University™ page.  Read more by following this link…



Product Search

Are you looking for a specific item?  Simply enter the product number or keywords into the Product Search box located at the top of any page.


So, that was a brief introduction of some of the new features we have implemented on our store.  Feel free to browse around.  Maybe make a purchase or 2… we won’t mind.  Be sure to register for an online account so you can take full advantage of our new features.

Thanks for reading.  Take care.



Tracy L. says October 7, 2014

I'm a big fan of Caiman gloves. I'm a weekend user running a Eastwood 175 MIG machine and things can get warm if you're working it hard but the gloves have done a great job of heat protection and I still have good tactile control.

Caiman Admin icon
Caiman says October 7, 2014

Thanks for the kind words Tracy.

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Rewards Program

Sign up, earn points*, SAVE !!!

Earning points is as easy as...

Register 200 points
Place an order 1 point / $1 spent
Review a product   100 points
First to review  50 points
Show Your Caiman® 100 points 
Complete a Survey 20 points


100 points = $1.00

* Points to be used on future purchases

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