General Purpose Turbo Blade

General Purpose Turbo Blade

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The Caiman® General Purpose Turbo Blade is designed to cut granite to most common building materials such as roofing tiles, masonry, concrete and tile. Optimum combination of cost and performance. Features cooling holes to disperse the heat and remove stone dust. Some sizes include a four-screw configuration for easy mounting of a quad adapter. (Quad adapter #14011 not included)

*Country of Origin: Korea

11452 4-1/2" 5/8", 7/8", Quad 7.5mm
11502 5" 5/8", 7/8", Quad 7.5mm
11602 6" 5/8", 7/8", Quad 7.5mm
11702 7" 5/8", 7/8", Diamond Knockout 7.5mm
11802 8" 5/8", 7/8", Diamond Knockout 7.5mm
11002 10" 5/8", 1" 7.5mm

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