Safety Sheet - Polishing Pads



U.S.A. - ANSI B7.1 and OSHA regulations; Canada – CSA

1.            Observe the working safety site regulations.

2.            Keep bystanders and/or animals out of the work area.

3.            The use of OSHA approved safety goggles, gloves, footwear, ear and head protection and a mask are recommended.

4.            Before use, examine the Caiman® polishing pad for any cracks or other damage.  Do not use if damage is suspected.

5.            Ensure that the Caiman® polishing pad suitable for the material being polished.

6.            Ensure that the Caiman® diamond cup wheel is securely fastened to the Caiman® velcro® backer pad.  Ensure that the Caiman® velcro® backer pad is securely fastened to the machine.

7.            Ensure that the machine guard is mounted and correctly fitted.

8.            Ensure that the polishing surface is clean from debris.

9.            Ensure that adequate water is properly disbursed to the Caiman® polishing pads so that there is sufficient cooling.

10.          Ensure that the proper grit sequence is followed when polishing.

11.         Ensure that the proper RPM is used to avoid overheating, burning and proper polishing.

12.         Before polishing, let the tool run for a few seconds without load.  If the Caiman® polishing pad wobbles, vibrates or has an unusual noise, stop the tool immediately.  Examine the Caiman® polishing pad for damage or incorrect mounting.

13.         If using wet Caiman® polishing pads, ensure that adequate water is used to keep the diamonds cool.

14.          Avoid sharp or abrupt contact with the material being cut.

15.          Maintain a straight polishing plane to avoid side load or twist.

16.          Avoid polishing sharp edges of the material to prevent damage to the Caiman® polishing pad.