Safety Sheet - Profile Router Bit



U.S.A. - ANSI B7.1 and OSHA regulations; Canada – CSA

1.            Observe the working safety site regulations.

2.            Keep bystanders and/or animals out of the work area.

3.            The use of OSHA approved safety goggles, gloves, footwear, ear and head protection and a mask are recommended.

4.            Before use, examine the Caiman® router bit for any cracks or other damage.  Do not use if damage is suspected.

5.            Ensure that the Caiman® router bit is suitable for the material being cut.

6.            Disconnect power to the machine before mounting the Caiman® router bit.

7.            Caiman® router bits are manufactured to fit industry water-fed routers including the Stinger, Master, and Ghines Sector, etc.

8.            Ensure that the Caiman® router bit is securely fastened to the router shaft.  Do not use if the Caiman® router bit rattles or wobbles.  Small washers are included with each Caiman® router bit to fit on top of the bearing, to assist with different thicknesses of stone (optional).

9.            Ensure that the bearing on the Caiman® router bit freely spins and is well lubricated.

10.          Ensure that adequate water is properly disbursed to the Caiman® router bit so that there is sufficient cooling.

11.         Ensure that the proper RPM is used to avoid overheating and glazing.

12.          To ensure longer diamond life and to maintain the proper shape, chamfer the edge of the material with a Caiman® breaker bit or use a position 0 Caiman® router bit.          Avoid sharp or abrupt contact with the material being cut.

14.          Adhere to the instructions given for the router/profiler in which the Caiman® router bit will be fastened to.